Social Dancing

Social dancing or simply social dance is one of the categories of the dances that are performed in an event or a social function, context and in social gatherings. This type of dance is danced with an intention of performing rather than of a mere participation. And most of the time it is done in order to merely socializes or as an entertainment event, even though the dance has erotic, ceremonial, and competitive functions. Many of the European origin social dances are partner dances, but elsewhere this quite rare. It might be reserved for certain social position or sex and age of the participants.
Nowadays social dances happen quite often in many countries. Some of the occasions are proms and flash mobs. And one of the main categories of the social dancing is Ballroom dance, where a set of partner dances that are enjoyed both competitively and socially around all over the world. Due to the aspects of entertainment and performance, this type of dance is also enjoyed on stage, television, on the internet and also in movies. This tradition begins with the school itself and it is called prom. Prom is where the dancers pair up and perform a dance at the end of every school